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about us


        Like many other young adults during the pandemic, we, Kaela & Jadon, found ourselves needing something to do while in lockdown. We have both struggled with mental illness for the majority of our lives. One thing that has always helped our neuro-divergent minds is creation: making music, drawing, painting, building, etc. We just love keeping our hands involved with some form of art, and it helps us thrive. Some days we wake up and truly struggle with simply getting out of bed & managing basic self care. One thing that has always helped us to relieve that mental exhaustion was having a lit candle nearby, & an open window for some fresh air. Candles help us in a much deeper & meaningful way than one might think, and they are vital to our mental health.

         When the pandemic struck & we couldn’t make our weekly candle runs to HomeGoods, we had to think fast. We purchased all the equipment needed to start making candles, and went to work on our first batch. After lots of research & many failed attempts, the first candle bloomed & Celestial Flower Children blossomed. Here at CFC, we have a few important goals and philosophies that represent us. Our three central themes we wish to align with at CFC are “Spread Peace", “Make Love, Not War”, & “Revere Nature". You’ll find these three phrases on the front of every tag, circling our logo. As our name may suggest, much of our inspiration is found in the ideals of universal acceptance and peace, the same ideals of the 1960’s hippie and counterculture movement. As two free spirited people we want to make our shop not only groovy but spiritual. We take our time making candles, and therefore we hope you can feel the positive energy radiating from our candles when you open and burn them. Choosing to buy from us means you are supporting two artists that want to spread some love into there community. We proudly turn our pain into beauty here, & plan to continue.

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